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Id-ing diff


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I have just had the same issue with my R300, which turned out to have an LSD.


When I did my MOT last wekend, it came up on the garage computer and said not to do the rear brake test on the rolling road as the car had an LSD.


Jack up the car so both rears are off the ground. Then rotate one wheel and the other wheel should follow and replicate the movement.


Also as mentioned, see Angus's own web site - very interesting data on LSD.

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At my MOT he didnt do the brakes for fear of stoving the sump in lol!


Do I understand you mean it will turn the same on both wheels if its an LSD? What will it do if a normal diff?


Scoops - very useful link and article - the 'mexican wave' bit made me laugh!

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With a normal 'open' diff the wheels will turn in opposite directions and with an LSD they will turn in the same direction HOWEVER, if you have a Quaife ATB LSD diff this acts the same as an open diff in this test... or the other wheel to the one you turn may not rotate at all *rolleyes*


so you either need to pull a driveshaft and check as per Angus's photos or do a standing start and see if you can write II on the road 😬 *thumbup*



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