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Tyre Choice - Hillclimb


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I am competing in the Harewood Hillclimb Championship for the first time this year.

Class 2b in my standard Roadsport SV 175, home built last year. Uprated front brakes and 14 inch wheels with Avon CR500 Tyres.


So far have done the practice day 9 runs and the School day (highly recomended) 8 runs followed by my first competitive day last Sunday 17th April, 2 practiceand 4 timed.


The class record is 59.74. My times started at 77 and are now down to 67.29.


Reason for the post:

I am running the CR 500's at 18psi cold. I have no understeer at all. Front anti roll bar standard red bush, no rear anti rollbar.


Current technique is to leave the front tyre pressures alone, but keep adjusting rears back to 18 psi hot prior to next run. No tyre warmers allowed in hillclimbing and gap between runs can be long.



1. Any general advice? Apart from improve my lines AND BE BRAVE!

2. Are Yoko A048 softs gripieer than CR500's

3. Any pressure advice for CR500's


I know from conmbined sector times that I can do low 66 seconds in current setup, if only I could drive properly!


Class record is held by stripped out Westfield 2.261 litre Duratec (Simon Green).


All in the name of speed!!!

SWBO fully supportive and enjoying the fantastic paddock friendliness.


*smile* *smile*

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67 seconds is pretty good for your first real event at Harewood. I run a busa Caterham and go in the LDMC championship here and the Auto 66 championship here.


To beat Mr Green will take a lot of work on your car and a lot of practice. I'd suggest trying some other local events apart from Harewood where you'll meet other competitors in your class you can learn from and learn what you need to do to your car to make it faster.


Use up your current tyres before you look at buying new ones!


Will be at Harewood next month, see you there.


Rob *smile*

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Tyres of choice in the club's speed championship are Kumho V70 (215 or 235 rear and 215 front) in either soft or supersoft compound or the Avon ZZR (215 rear and 185 front) in A24 compound. Either are probably worth 2 seconds over the Cr500 at Harewood judging from my own experience.


Car setup and damping will also make a difference so make sure it's as good as it can be.


The biggest difference to your times though, will be you.


Best of luck.

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I think on the club championship you would be in Class 4, which last year at Harewood had a class winning time of 61.96 Secs by Micheal Sankey, so a time of 67.29 secs would have given you a score of 92.08 which is pretty good for a novice.


Have you thought of having a go at the club championship ? I think the class structure put's things on a more even footing than the class 2b, your currently competing in


On the plus side you do get to see different venue's on the down side some can be a trek but from where you are it would be pretty easy to do the 5 events neccessary for the novice championship.


Last year was my first year, planned on doing 5 events ended up doing 10, back again this year to see if I can improve on last years times.

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  • Area Representative

I have no understeer at all.


Not even around "Chippy's" 🤔 - If not, then you need to push harder! (every car understeers around Chippy's!)

I use supersoft 215 Kumho V70's all around. A048's won't start to work until halfway up the hill, and wen they do work, they won't work as well as the SS Kumho's do when they are cold!

However, I'm sure your existing car/tyre combination would get down to a 64's with practice and commitment.


Edited by - Richard Price on 22 Apr 2011 00:11:27

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