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Black Diamond cross drilled discs


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Hi all, my front discs on my blade 7 have done a lot of work and i'm looking to replace them, they are solid cross drilled discs, used with alcon 4 pot calipers and ferrodo pads, I've contacted James Whiting, but he no longer supplies cross drilled solid discs, and rather than buying the standard discs and drilling them myself a bit of googling has turned up Black Diamond cross drilled discs here there seem to be quite a few sites selling them, and I wondered if anyone on here has tried them and could offer an opinion as to if they are any good?



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What is wrong with normal solid disks? Lightweight car should not be hard on the brakes. Are you trying to loose some unsprung weight from the disk? Just curious as my Blackbird seems fine on standard solid disks.



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The brakes have been fantastic on the car, and just looking to replace them with the same discs, but as no one seems to offer a standard drilled disc, I thought these may be an option... The thought behind drilled discs is that it helps release the gasses generated by the friction and helps stop the pad from 'floating' supposedly giving a better pedel feel, and aids cooling, or so I have read. ( I await to be shot down in flames when someone with more knowledge comes along!!)


So basicly, i've had the car for 7 years and have been more than happy with the brakes and they never fade however hard I drive it on track.. just looking to maintain what I already have really.


I spoke to a really helpful guy yesterday at Performance braking and he remembers working with James Whiting on this braking system, i.e the big Alcon 4 pot calipers, and the solid drilled discs, and in his opinion this was a better solution than the Caterham AP 4 pots with vented discs, he thinks the Alcon was a better caliper, and the solid drilled disc represents less unsprung weight, but the agressive pricing of Caterham due to buying in bulk ment their kits were cheaper.


as Said i'm more than happy with the brakes on my blade, just looking to retain this level of performance.

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