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Live Axel Shaft Removal


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My near side bearings went & the shaft snapped......thus removing the wheel on a roundabout! I need to remove the remains of the shaft from the axel but it seems stuck fast, i can get mole grips / pliers on the end but it wont budge - am i missing something? I thought that it should just slide out?!

Any advice would be greatful.

Thanks in advance.


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Ford or Ital?

In stock car racing we used Ford axles and used to snap halfshafts fairly frequently. Normally they would break at the end leaving the bearing in and thus nothing to get hold of. The only way to remove was to smash the bearing using a cold chisel (EYE PROTECTION NEEDED). You could then get hold of the end of the shaft and withdraw. You may already be at this stage.

The shaft is only held by the splines in the diff, but they can still be a bit stiff to pull out. You may be able to prise it out by moving the brake backplate out of the way using 2 levers (big screwdrivers) if there is a groove in the halfshaft. Alternatively, try to grip the shaft tightly with mole grips and prise against the grips. I have occasionally resorted to welding something on to the shaft to get a grip and then used a home made slide hammer.

It's just a matter of grip and brute force.

As I said I'm familiar with the Ford axle, but Ital should be similar.

Good Luck. *thumbup*

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