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Step by step guide - changing front brake discs

Northern Banana

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Basically ...


Loosen wheel nuts


Jack and secure front of car


Remove wheel


Remove securing clips and pins that retain brake pads


Remove brake pads


Remove split pin and undo big hub nut.


Unbolt caliper (note where any spacer washers fit before you lose them)


Pull hub/disc off shaft and catch any bearing bits !


Refit caliper loosely to save stressing brake hose.


Sit hub into wheel so studs are in the usual holes, so you can get a socket on the bolts that retain the disc to the hub. Remove these four bolts and bash the disc off the hub.


Clean the mating faces meticulously, as you don't want any debris under the new disc.


Refit in reverse of above, using loctite on the bolts that secure the disc and on the caliper bolts.


Do a search on how to adjust the wheel bearing, and use a new split pin (ideally).


Once all back together, make sure you press the brake pedal a few times before driving off !!!!!

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