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Which airfilter for 240+bhp and an airbox?


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It has been pointed out to me that my standard Caterham (Piper Cross?) airfilter might not be optimal for my new engine. What air filter is being used on a Bernard Scouse airbox for 240+bhp? It's an 80mm outlet and I haven't got time to modify it to 100mm as I believe some people have done. (Rolling road is on Thursday)

K&N do some cone filters that look like they would fit but do they flow any better than the Piper Cross foam ones. Piper Cross sell a 150mm diamter 200mm long filter rated at over 300bhp but would this fit in the engine bay?

Thoughts please.

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I use a K&N cone filter on my 'scouse airbox, although i'm only about 210bhp.


It was recommended to me by Dave Jackson though who ran one on his 250bhp+ 1900k, so you should be alright. I just called Dave Kimberly at Demon Tweeks and he selected the right one for me.

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