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Replacement discs - AP "big brake" alternative sources


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MY AP front discs are showing signs of wear and I was thinking of replacing them.

Caterham want an arm and a leg!


I seem to remember that I posted something about this a while ago but cant now find the thread in Chit Chat or Tech talk.


Does anyone have an AP part number / specification / alternative supplier?


Can any one help please?


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Hi there,


Bought a set from Canley a month ago and have had a change of plans. So rather than return them to Canley are you interested? Paid £65 each plus postage. They are brand new unused in original box. Canley will take them back at original price.



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When Canley first put these up over a year ago, I bought a set. This a very rare thing for me to do as buying currently available parts to sit in stock grates rather. Knowing CC own the IP on the superlight disc, I thought the offer may not last. As it happens it went on quite long.


Has anyone asked about the GT6 brake kit "built to order"? You could probably buy that, flog all the unwantwd parts on ebay and still be quids in.


Btw, CC may charge whatever they like for the part to help cover their busness targets. If you look at an entire 7 car, it would not be wise to think too much about the actual piece cost or materual cost plus labour cost. Then you would be looking at some mark-up!


But it's a low volume business so they have to cover all their costs on a small number of items sold. I think we would all prefer them to have a sustainable business model...



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unless the disks are warped or excessively worn, they can be skimmed/refaced by a competent engineering firm. I had mine done by a local firm a few years ago for £30 and they've been fine ever since. They faced up the entire disk surface so that I could fit the wider Pagid pads although I think this made it a bit over braked at the front.
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