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o/t tintop winter wheel sizes


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I've decided that a separate set of wheels with winter tyres are needed for my tintop. I've spotted some on eBay that are the right diameter and PCD, but are narrower with a different offset. They are factory fitted from the same model of car, though possibly a different year.


My wheels are: 6.5J x 16H2 ET 50

The eBay wheels are: 5 1/2 j x 16 112 et 42


I didn't see a pcd stamped on mine. Is H2 a code for the PCD? I'll get a ruler later and measure and calculate using this to be sure.


If the PCD matches... Will the difference in offset and width mean the outer edge of the wheels will be in roughly the same place?


I've heard all the hassle of insurance companies charging/not charging for winter wheels. Is it likely to be an issue that these are different width/offset?


or should I ignore these and keep looking?





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The 5.5" rim is 25.4mm narrower.

The outer rim would 12.7mm more inboard.

The reduction in offset will move the outer rim back out by 8mm.

Net effect: wheels will look 4.7mm deeper in the arches.


In addition to this, as the rim is narrower, a narrower tyre with a taller aspect ratio would suit better as a winter tyre. Narrower tread for contact pressure, "roundness" of contact patch and flexibility of sidewall so there is less load shifting across the contact patch. The narrower tyres can punch through slush or churned snow better reducing lift and allowing the tyres to grab down into something solid, whether that be tarmac or hard packed snow/ice layer.

It would be well worth identifying the tyre size fitted to the lower spec model of your car.

E.G. your car may be a 205/55x16. The cooking model may have 185/65x16. Both have a very similar rolling radius.


I have a merc C200 with a factory upgrade 225/45x17 tyre on 7.5" rims. For winter tyres the bog-standard set up of 195/65x15 on a 6" wide rim is ideal.


Although you are staying at the same diameter, hopefully y9u can find a similar "downgrade" for your car which will then still be a factory approved wheel tyre combo for that model.


The H2 moniker is (I think) something to do with the rim shape or bead retainer shape and I wouldn't worry about it too much.


HTH. Incidentally what car and would be interested to know what you fit.



FCITW 2009 😬

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I don't know if this applies to all VAG cars but my '05 A4 has a sticker on the drivers side B pillar which 'told' me the correct M&S tyre size. I then got the appropriate width and diameter of wheels off eBay and ensured the offset was the same as the regular wheels. As mentioned, I essentially got a set of wheels for the cooking model. Car is, incidentally, noticeably comfier on the taller tyres *smile*
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Lazerbrain, if you are running a 2005 Skoda, your PCD is 5 -112. Offset is 50 give or take a few mm.

Get in the queue though, I'm after some ebay ones for my octavia.

(Note the mk1 octavia and mk4 golf runs PCD 5-100.)


BRG and Yellow nose now with added brooklands


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