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Front end bushes


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Front end wishbones etc are all strippped down for a refresh - I need to replace all the bushes.

What do folks recommend? Is there a cheaper source than CC or is there a better alternative?

I note the Powerflex bushes are about twice the price of CC bushes, is the premium worth it?

*thumbup* *thumbdown* 🤔

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Can you expand on "make the front end very active" please? Does it make it more planted or more communicative or something else?


I've got a full set of Powerflex bushes sat on the shelf (rear set as well) but haven't had time to fit them yet. Wondering whether I should fit just the fronts to try them out or fit the whole lot in one go. Or even find a used wide-track front end and fit the bushes to them to do it all in one hit. Choices, choices...

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If anyone can help expand on their experiences it would be much appreciated please *wavey*

Dont want to throw good money away but as with many of us simply looking to optimise performance and ensure I get good value for money when replacing components.

My car is a K Superlight R used the same as most Caterhams; for road, track days and sprinting

I however, am a mechanical numpty so hoping to tap the power of BC to enable me to make an informed decision 😶‍🌫️

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Standard CC rubber bushes offer resistance against load, they spring back and forth against load. If you remove that resistance the remainder of your suspension becomes more active *thumbup*


You may need to increase your spring and sway rate *wink*


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Hi Neil.


In my case it has made the front end very planted and the car tends to oversteer. I have got a balnced car now, but it is a race car. I have the powerflex in the rear end as well.


Putting a figure on it is difficult as your need to experiment, but it could be as much as 40%. Or a 2:1 front to rear ratio may be a good start, that is what mine is *thumbup*



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