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Coffee Rings


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I just thought some of you may find this intresting, as a subliminal message sort of thing, possibly portending future sprint results or the like,


Like most of us, I am a member of the club and as such get a copy of low flying, this is usually left lying around on the coffee table so that visitors (which are infrequent) can look at it, then ask "have you got one", to which I can then hyjack any conversation into the joys of seven ownership and eventually go out for a blat (actually I'm usually sent out for a blat on my own just to shut me up), any way I have noticed that this months (the one with Arnie and Peter on the front) has become covered with coffee rings, now this is not unusual in our house, but what is is that they are all on Arnie, Peter is free of coffee rings, now this is not me as I would not deface the club magazine, it is my wife...


So... Either she's got a thing about Peter (hard to believe when she's already got me teeth.gif), or she's got a negative thing about Arnie (also hard to beleive as he's got a cute teddy thing stuck to the front of the car (probably made of carbon and fur faced) and this is a sure winner in the cutsie stakes), or she is receiving paranormal messages from beyond to give me the opertunity of winning more sweepstakes etc.


Anyway, thats me story, bit boring, I know, sorry, mind you I'm going to leave a copy of the racing post out tonight on the off chance.



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