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Where's the International Scenic Drive start?


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BBQ is at Arnwood Inclosure, 3 miles SW of Lyndhurst, turn right off the A35 towards Burley. About 1 mile furfther on, the site is signed.


Starts 2.00pm, tickets £10 each


Go to www.westhants7's.co.uk for all the details.

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For those not familiar with the New Forest - steer clear of Lyndhurst at any cost, it is full of tourists and caravans!


If you are approaching from the north or north-east stay heading west on the M27 where it becomes the A31 for about 2 miles and turn left (south) at Stony Cross towards Emery Down. Stay on this road for about 4-5 miles before turning right onto the A35 where you will be already to the south-west of Lyndhurst and heading the correct way.


I hope this helps.


Low tech luddite - xflow and proud!

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I've contacted a pal who's there today. Apparently tomorrow's drive begins at 10.30 at the New Forest Hotel at Ashurst, and finishes at 1.00ish....presumably we can then follow others to the BBQ. We haven't booked, so will look for some food on the way to the NF.


Look forward to seeing everyone there.




MANGO SEVEN (the driver formerly known as Red Seven)

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