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F1 G.P. & Le Sept


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I am leaving Dover at 9.00 am Saturday.Where is the G.P. (Mangy Cours ?)

Can I go to it on Sunday & still get to Le Sept at a reasonable time on Sunday night ? Anyone know how to get tickets ( 2 off ) ?

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Look here.


I don't think it's out of the question distance wise, BUT my experience of F1GP all over the place is that you might find it a bit of a rush time wise.


I reckon it's at least a 2.5hrs drive. You won't leave the circuit until at least 3pm and then you have to get out with everyone else. Even if you're lucky and it only takes 30mins to get under way properly it means you're not going to get to the hotel until 1800-1830 (allowing for finding it).


All of which will leave it all a bit of a rush.


If you want to give it a go, use the URL link above for the circuit number and buy direct (assuming there are tickets left).


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Blanchimont when it's foggy/raining (as it is often there) is something else.


You can stand just feet away from F1 cars at full pelt. Hear a muted engine noise then all of a sudden huge rooster tails, noise, brief glimpse of fog light and gone at almost 200mph. Alesi was awesome through there.


Even sleeping in the 7 in the car park was good fun, and I managed a cheer driving through the remains of the beer tent street from the one or two Germans still enjoying themselves at 4am!

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