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vaux 2.0 oil pressure and surge

Andy W

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I have a 2.0 vauxhall with wet sump.


I noticed that on heavy breaking when nearly to a stand still the oil pressure would suddenly drop off for approximately one second before coming back up.


The problem is not the gauge or sender but a problem with in the engine.


I have removed the sump because I fitted a new pastic mesh baffle in the sump earlier this year. All appears normal.


Does anyone have any idea?


My oil pressure at best is 4 bar when cold about 3 when hot. Is this normal?


Caterham can not help hopefully you can.


Thanks Andy

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Oil level is slightly high.

The problem was not noticed prior to the replacement of the baffle. However the who top end has been rebuilt with new cams hence the reason for changing the baffle.

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If you mean 3 bar at say 3 or 4 thousand revs when hot I'd say that was a little low. 2 bar at idle, 900 rpm and 4 bar at 4000 rpm is about average. I wonder if it could be another oil pressure relief valve sticking.
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