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Booking an SVA

Steve Robinson

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Apologies if this is a common question. Our superlight kit gets delivered on August 1st (yippeee!!!) so we can begin the wonderful assembly job. What I was wondering is how we calculate when to book the SVA appointment.


I have no concept of if the build will take 5 days (3 people, all build virgins) or 5 weeks, so any guidance on when to book would be useful.


Think the Leighton Buzzard station is the local SVA place , but don't want to book a slot for mid August to find we still haven't got the wheels on the car, and conversely would hate to finish the car Mid August and not have an SVA appt till Sept!






PS - Please keep an eye out for my name on the tech section from August 1st as I think I may be needing some assistance!!!!

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I have just finished building my Super light and had it SVA'd. Got it back yesterday. Believe me what ever you are expecting, it is better...much better. I read loads before I started the build and I must say I was a bit nervous. I found that most of the problems people had written about in the passed had been rectified. I.e. I did not need to cut a lump of the diff. The change up light was already wired in etc. Anyway to answer your question. It took me two solid weeks. I suppose a total of about 120-130 hours. This was totally un assisted but working sometimes 8-10 hours a day. I did not have any weather gear to worry about so maybe less work than you have. The other thing I found was, the waiting time between SVA centres varies hugely. Once I had put my paper work in they then asked what date I wanted so the date I put on the form was irrelevant. This however may not be the same at Leighton Buzzard, phone them and see.

The build was great fun. No real worries and Caterham Tech help were very good. I probably had to rush a little more than I wanted, but I wanted the car on the road for the nice weather. If you need any assistance give me a call 07764 355690, I am no mechanic but I have just been down the road you are on. It realy is great fun building these cars, hope it all goes well





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Thanks for the words of encouragement, I must say the whole idea is making me extremely nervous as I suspect my cat has as much mechanical expertise as me!


On the positive side I run an SLR myself (new SL is for girlfriend/father to compete in) so should be able to use that as a pattern if we get stuck!


Will keep your number handy just in case. Thanks again.



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