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Brighton Speed Trials - entries close 3rd August

Trevor Phillips

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As of last night, Tony had 161 entries - maximum allowed is 200.


He's still keen to have some more 7's either in:

Roadgoing and Modified Production Cars

Class 1 up to 1400cc;

Class 2 1400cc to 2000cc

Sports Libre

Class 8 over 1600cc (on slicks)










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Come on Arnie - It was only a while back when you were telling me how you were going to compete this year so you could break the up to 2 lt road going modified record of 11.7 seconds @ 120 mph set by by Tom New in a 250 bhp QED vx powered Caterham back in 1998.
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Am I right in thinking you need an 'A' licence for this event or can I get an entry on my non-race Nat 'B'?


And does he mind if it's a Westfield teeth.gif


oh, and who do I contact? as it's only 18 miles from home I've always fancied taking part.....

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I asked the comentator at the recent Brighton&Hove Car Show (Stamer Park) and he said they were full this year. (I was told he was the person to ask - drove a dark Jag).


Is your info more recent / reliable (probably) - I have no licence yet can I enter these if I get a Nat B ?


I only live about 400m from the "End" sign so I could be called local!


Greg, Q 86 NTM (Green 185BHP XF)

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It was Tony Johnstone on Wednesday night at the club who gave me the entry numbers so they should be accurate.

Having just bought my first Caterham I'm rushing to get it ready for the event in Class 2 Roadgoing trim. I've applied for the SVA and I'm waiting for a date. It's also entered in the Handicap. If the SVA is failed we will move from Class 2 to Class 8.


Recent Class 2 winners are:

2001 me in Sylva Fury Cosworth n/a 117mph 13.14 secs

2000 Gatt Richie in W*******d 115mph 13.15 secs

1999 me in Sylva Clubman with Dave E's BDX engine fitted 115mph 12.53 sec


Tom New's 1998 record in the Caterham 7 of 11.72 secs was allegedly on slicks [not exactly road-going]

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