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New to track days...Lydden?


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Please excuse my ignorance,but i haven't yet done a track day,but as i hope to have my car sva'd by the end of August and i live near to Lydden then my obvious first choice is here....just one question,roughly how much track time can i expect to get..anyone help?Jase
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You'll get enough !


Went on my first a few weeks ago (had my 7, 4 months)

It was great !!! about 6 sessions of 20 minutes (well needed rests between)

Buy some cheap Booties (£35, Karting ones) much nicer to drive in

Helmet £75-300 +

Huge grin for a month £Free

Good luck (take it easy on first few session, you do want to drive home!)


Bruce id=purple> , Self Drive ROLLER COASTER id=purple> Owner cool.gif R300 FUN id=purple>

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You'll need mirrors for sure. 'cause I'm going to be there.


Are you in the "novice" group Dave, or the "copmpetition licence holders" group. Bit of a dilemma there.....



But will Aves, Count and the rest of the North Kent possy be there??


I heard Chris Clark will be in the paddock, but not actually entered as he prefers looking at peoples engines when they are stationary!



Geoff - Cheque and form have gone out today!




Edited by - fat arnie on 7 Aug 2002 10:44:18

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Sorry Westie, 7 Club driving days are for Lotus and Caterham Sevens only.

You are welcome as a spectator/passenger of course.


This will be a new circuit for me so any tips you can pass on about banks and the like...............


Edited by - ecr on 7 Aug 2002 13:33:23

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I plan to be there.


Arnie, surpirsed you think AVES will be there, given that evening after the trackday, you and I are going to be at his wedding reception. I'm pretty sure Mrs Aves to be will not be a happy camper if a certain Blue VX is blatting around Lydden on the day.



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Mine's in the post tonight Geoff for the 'mid' class (limited track experience/modified cars), can't recall what colour that was though ?


So Arnie are we in the same class then.................if I need mirrors to see you it presumes you're behind me *biggrin*..............or lapping me ☹️.....................and before anyone says anything I know it's not a race in any event.

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I did mention it to her. As the Wedding isn't 'till 4 I reckoned that I could put in a few laps & push off about 2. Firmly vetoed.


As tradition says that I can't see her or communicate from about 6pm Friday night I reckon I'll still make it, as what she doesn't know won't hurt.


Mums the word though & if I stuff it I'll need a lift to Penshurst.



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