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Have I cooked a newly rebuilt diff?


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Car is live axle..freshly rebuilt quaiffe ATB with a good 2nd hand CWP.


Silverstone last night, the diff has been run gently for 450 miles. The track was very hot, lots of grip and coming out of a long sweeping bend on the power, my until now silent diff starts the familliar ('they all do that') whine which stayed from then on!


Have I cooked a bearing? The diff is baffled to try to prevent oil surge.


Any suggestions appreciated.



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1) Does it whine on, drive, over-run or drift?

2) In neutral (drift to a halt) is the whine there right until the point of stopping?


Yes to any in 1 - it's the gear set.


Yes to 2 - it's invariably the pinion bearings, usually the nose.


Answers please on a ..................


Steve B

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Yes, you did meet me (and my girlfriend) admiring your car. It looks fantastic, sounds great and is my dream spec/colour etc!!!!


You still seemed to get a bit of track time despite the noise thing strapped to the silencer.





R7RDC, Green and Yellow Xflow.

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Managed about six or seven laps before the car died!!!!


Nothing serious, just a chaffed fuel pump lead. (Fuses kept blowing)


It was a good evening though!


Hope the Diff problem isn't too bad. Mine's noisy but you can't hear it above the row the

exhaust makes smile.gif






Andy Marks


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