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Argh Blatchat free for 3wks

John Reay

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The jungle in Borneo, Mount Kinabalu and the Orangu tan sanctuary in Sepilok, I'm sure there will be a web connection somewhere in amongst that lot biggrin.gif biggrin.gif


Bet the weather stays good for the 3 weeks as well in Blighty, bummer thumbsdown.gif



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Alex is indeed lucky, all my female friends tell me off for reading car mags instead of fashion mags and having harrier screensavers instead of flowery ones...I am trying to educate them, but it seems to be quite a slow process!



Hope that we will have the car in time to drive up to watch you at Snetterton on Sunday smile.gif but no promises sad.gif



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Blatchat cold turkey.

Believe me it's good therapy.

Too many of those surreal threads start mucking ones mind up. confused.gif

I needed an extensive dry-out period after 'The Great Clam v Cycle Debate'.

I think many people are still suffering the effects of that one,

When I attempt to Blatchat now I do so with extreme caution......


Better stop now before I suffer another bout. teeth.gif

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