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Speedo drive oil leak


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I have a '97 X-Flow with a 4 speed box. A small oil drip from the speedo drive at the gearbox has turned into a serious leak. Is it possible to replace the oil seal on the drive pinion without removing the engine/gearbox?
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Can't remember my 4 speeders. On the 5 speeder I have learned that there is a domed metal cap

opposite the speedo drive that can be removed. It is the other side of the speedo drive/seal.

With that removed you can get at the gear and the seal.

Hope it is the same on the 4sp.



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I managed it on a 5 speed box - from what I remember of the 4 in my Westie before the swap to 5, the speedo drive was similar.


On the Cat I hoicked it in the air on the works crane to get underneath, used various impliments to get the old oil seal out .


used a suitable sized socket to drive the new one in - its not leaked so far!


(On the electric drive speedos, it seems to me that oil seal does too much of a job of locating the sender which leads to leaks)



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