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Insuring your car for Track Days and MSM/NiG question.....


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Does anyone know of an insurance policy for track day cover only for participants vehicle(i.e. no road risk or liabilty cover)???


Also anyone ever had reason to claim under the MSM/NiG scheme for Caterhams - what was the turnaround time on repairs/payment like??


MSM/NiG have offered to insure my car at a somewhat (40%) reduced rate over Royal Sun Alliance, but the excess is double and there is no track day cover. There cover is also limited to £35k insured value before excess gets excessive (a quick tot up of the cost of replacing my car (parts only - all new parts)) in the event of a total loss is around £40k). RSA are happy to insure for £40k


Seeing as I plan to do say 4 or 5 track days in the remainder of 2002, what would you do?


Fat Arn

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Stick with Aon, it's so easy to ring up and just tell them you're doing a day or as I do I e-mailed the whole schedule for hte year and they just stick in a file. Never had a claim an accident claim with them in 5 years so don't know how good they are



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Copied from http://www.bookatrack.com site Don't know if it's of any help, but.....


Track Insurance Only


Competition Car Insurance offer track day only insurance starting at around £50 per event. The table below shows the options available when booking the event for a single driver. To extend the insurance cover for additional drivers please add 30% to the prices shown.

Option Sum Assured Excess Cover Premium

1 £2000 £250 £1750 £42.50

2 £5000 £750 £4250 £80

3 £8000 £1000 £7000 £117.50

4 £11000 £1250 £9750 £155

5 £14000 £1500 £12500 £192.50

6 £17000 £2000 £15000 £230

7 £22000 £2000 £20000 £305

8 £27000 £2000 £25000 £380

Option Sum Assured Excess Cover Premium

9 £3000 £750 £2250 £42.50

10 £7500 £2250 £5250 £80

11 £12000 £3000 £9000 £117.50

12 £16000 £3750 £12250 £155

13 £20000 £4500 £15500 £192.50

14 £25000 £6000 £19000 £230

15 £32000 £6000 £26000 £305

16 £38000 £6000 £32000 £380


The cover is for On Event Accidental Damage and covers:

the cost of parts

repairs to parts


and specialist labour.


This cover does not include routine dismantling and reassembly, or engines and transmission.


Note: CCI reserve the right to increase the premium or refuse further cover if there is a poor claims history.




For more details on the specific details of the policies contact Nik Kershaw on 01159 415255.



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Arnie, from my recent experience, the only way to cost effectively get anything like full cover is to get a road insurance that covers tracks days (like you have). The CCI route is good to give some financial support in the event of a small to medium prang. To get anything like the value of the car though is reeelly expensive.



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Just to clarify a point if I may Arnie.

Value £30k+ up to £35k, excess £350

Value £35k+ up to £40k, excess £400

I make that just £50 difference for up to £5k difference in value.

Re track cover, for those considering a road policy that provides or can be extended to including track cover, if you prang it on the track and then need to make a claim you are claiming on your ROAD policy, whereas if you have separate track cover on which you claim, your road record is unaffected.

Cheers, Dave. MSM Insurance.

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That's sensible Dave. By the way, thanks for turning round my new policy in amazingly short order. I know I should perhaps pick up the phone for this, but it might be useful for others too... how is trackday cover (not an uplift to the road cover) charged for? Is it track by track or any amount of tracks for the year? Is the quote dependant on your driving record/NCB etc or on the value/performance of the car?




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Dave, thats a good point. I decided to go with a road policy that covers the value of the car with each track day costing £35. And yep if I write the car off, any future road insurabce will be more expensive. However, I would do no track days at all at £380 a go! You pays yer money...



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Get a quote from Adrian Flux before deciding. They do a policy inclusive of trackday cover with ?Group Armour (usual excess on track ~ 10% agreed value) with no additional premiums but a larger initial outlay. I have yet to make a claim so no experience of their behaviour if you were unlucky enough to have to do so.



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