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Fair price for 2nd hand tonneau cover...?

Ninja Boy

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Dirty Den (cheers matethumbsup.gif) came to the rescue the other week when I foolishly lost my hoodeek.gif, by lending me a tonneau cover on a trial basis. Even though it's from a live axle car, and mine's a de-Dion, it seems to do the job quite admirably (perhaps with a couple of extra press-studs in place and a couple of minor 'adjustments'), managing to stay in place during a 400 mile round trip and withstanding fairly heavy rain when parked (but not, apparently, the weight of an inquisitive feline), so I've agreed to buy it off him, which will help him offset the cost of his shiny new one following a FIA bar upgrade - good karma all roundthumbsup.gif.


As neither of us seems particularly commercially-mindedtongue.gif, I was hoping someone here could suggest a fair price for it - I was thinking somewhere around £40 based on previous ads in the For Sale section, but I don't want to pay under the odds. It's in pretty good nick.


Any thoughts...?





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Seems a fair price for a decent 2nd hand one. I have just paid £95 plus postage for a new one and then had to fit it as well




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