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Visual Alternative To SLR Wheels?

Laurence Wilson

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Trawling through old posts I noticed that there is a percentage of people who prefer the old style five spoke wheels that were fitted to the SLR. While their faults have been well documented and their lack of availability now is well known, I have by chance come across a similar alternative that those interested may or may not be aware of.


Compomotive do a variation on the 5 spoke split rim theme and from the image on the web page it seems that with the greater number of bolts holding the whole lot together the problem of sudden tyre deflation is much reduced, if existent at all.


They do do a nice 3 piece Mini-light style wheel also (which I prefer), although images of that are not yet on the product pages of the site. If anyone's interested I could mail them a flyer.


Just a thought smile.gif! I bet you'll all disagree with me now tongue.gif!


If anyone does consider either of the above, please say as there may be another bulk buy opportunity (and I'm tight, but also lazy).


Cheers! teeth.gifid=orange>

Laurence 'LOZ' Wilson id=purple>


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Mark, from what I can gather on the forums here early SLR (5 spoke) split rims had a problem with tyre deflation. This is (don't sting me if I'm wrong) down to the lack of bolts holding the wheels together.


Was it KN who manufactured the wheels and then Image who had to remedy the problem through welding the rims together? You can no longer purchase the wheels in whole or part (should you buckle one, etc.) and Image have destroyed their tooling for welding the wheels anyway.


Most people go the route of the R500 wheels manufactured by M.B. as they have a suitable number of bolts holding the lot together, and are able to be more easily disassembled as they have not been welded.


The reason I brought this up is I did find that some people are more aesthetically pleased by the SLR 5 spoke style than the R500 option. You'll want to run a search of the forums for 'split rims' and have a look through what you find.


Perhaps someone could just say whether I got that right or not?


Fred, I don't own a Seven so I don't know! I'm looking into it for next year so was considering what options I should go for when I came across these wheels.


Cheers! teeth.gifid=orange>

Laurence 'LOZ' Wilson id=purple>


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Stating MkII was meant as a deliberate slur as you no doubt realised.


My dad had one - in orange but he didn't go for the vinyl roof - and they were truly the most awful of the Capris. Some of which weren't actually bad cars (even though I don't come from Essex).


Fortunately my mother took it upon herself to write it off. I must have inherited the car genes from her (though the 3.5 Rover SD1 my dad had for a bit was a good laugh, especially the square steering wheel).

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