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Around Runnymede - what are these?

Dirty Den

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For anyone else who drives around in Runnymede, have you seen at the side of the roads, what looks like a CCTV camera on the top of a pole, with a little display panel underneeath? Sometimes I can just about make them out as showing the speed limit, other times a picture of a speed camera.


Anyone know what these are? I take it they aren't actually speed cameras, but more a way of just slowing people down?


Do they light up if they catch you driving faster than the limit, or are they just switched on at certain times?


Cheers in advance,




teeth.gif - Self portrait - still unable to remove the smile!

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I would imagine they are the same as the ones on the A29. They light up at a certain speed, 40mph in our case. No link to any form of camera (unless someone knows otherwise ?).


I pass 3 of them each day, twice, and I would say the overwhelming response from people is to slow down. I know I do. I guess it is involuntary response from years of traffic cameras, we HAVE been brainwashed


So they are cheaper, slow people down, and don't make piles of cash for smarmy git Gordon - they get my vote !

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There's a couple in High Town on the way to Sheffield from Chapel-en-le-frith. If you are going to fast it just flashes "40mph SLOW DOWN". A nice little reminder since it is a busy road and has a church, shops and houses down it.


Also one near Conwy Tunnels in wales. Flashes "TUNNEL SLOW DOWN", i tend to ignore that one or slow down and then speed up in the tunnel! Ahhh...... Tunnels teeth.gif

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I know I have a problem with speed but.....


When I see one of these my instinctive response is to slow down, open up a gap, then nail it. If I can't make the lights flash and the sign come on I'm really disappointed. Like going past a gatso on the other side of the road, as fast as possible to try and make it flash.


Unless I'm the only one (possible I suppose....) then how is this any contribution to road safety??

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