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Sutton Sevens

Mark Durrant

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Just to remind you that we will be meeting at 7.00pm sharp this Thursday evening at the Woodmans in Woodmansterne for the first Sutton 7's Blat into Surrey. Anyone have a preference for the route?


Also we will be discussing the 'Sutton 7 Project' and agreeing the finishing touches!


See you Thursday and any other owners from the Sutton area who didn't make it last time are free to join us.



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Hopefully all being well, I'm picking up my first 7 tomorrow, and no doubt I'll cover a lot of miles tomorrow!!!!


If I can make it on Thursday I would love to join in, get some ideas about driving technique etc.


So all being well, see you on Thurs.

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Nice one.


See you all there - mine's the yellow, black and dirt 7 (mostly dirt) with no front number plate (it just fell off).


If I can undo the rusty dzus you can also have a look at the radar detector install and for anyone with a non-dry sumped K series, the Pace dry sump system is also installed.

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This open to anyone. Am relatively new 7 owner, learning fast.


Am living in Brighton but work at Effingham Junction so would be cool to meet up thursday night. As I am not local could any of you lads supply a more descriptive explanation of the meeting point??


Looking 4ward to it..




Bright yellow 1.4k K7TRM


he's a cheesy geezer (:p)

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I popped into Tesco’s over the weekend on the A217, parked the se7en when an old bloke wandered over to me.


Old bloke…. Nice car mate .. I had a run-in with one of then last week.


Me……. Oh where.


Old bloke……. In Sutton, it had a aluminium bonnet it was fast.


Me…. What car do you dive, ( me thinks aluminium bonnet/Sutton must be James having fun).


Old bloke…… It’s the one over there. He points in his hand in the air, and I see a TVR.


Me ……. Nice car.


Old bloke……. I had her revving her guts out but the other car had me beet, I backed off at 60 cos there was no point.


Me……. I think I have a fair idea who that was, bloody fast car.


The old bloke chats for a bit then wanders off.


I walk over to where he was pointing to have a better look at his car, am I must say I was impressed.


But is was not a TVR. Had a good look at it, and it is a strange car. It has a badge on the back saying ROBIN, never seen a Robin Hood car before. Had a good wander around and left, thinking to myself if James can beet this car then Fat Arine don’t stand a chance.


Strange that it only had three wheels, dam fast those Robin Hood’s.




Ps see you on Thursday.


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I remember the Robin you are talking about!

How could I forget!

It was a good job I had a set of drag slicks on the car or I would not have stood a chance!

I would have beaten him by a bit more but he had removed a front wheel in favour of aero-dynamics the cheat.

My car must have TIT written on it somewhere because so many people shout look at the TIT in that noddy car!




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