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Angelsey ( or "Mince the Ince"!!!).

Jules Martin

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A great weekend at Angelsey (Ty Croes??????), with generous amounts of sunshine thrown in.

As usual Mr Ince was well on the pace gaining all three poles;- the last race, the "Allcomers" saw all three of the BMS team (Ince, Kinsella & McManus) in the first three slots. Richard and Austin then proceeded to destroy the opposition winning all 3 races. In the last race Richard stalled the Radical on the line and later spun at "School", however he managed to catch up with Austin Kinsella in the R500 and it was a joy to (briefly!) watch their dice for the leads. Richard managed to get past Austin and won by 2.311 seconds;- very close.

In the JCC 100kms race, Austin Kinsella set a fastest lap of 43.816 which broke the previous all time lap record of 44.12.

Well done the BMS team.

I really do hope someone "minces" him at Curborough. I'm almost tempted to buy one of Arnie's T shirts.




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Sorry to see your car damaged again Jules, this racing game comes with a cost!

Jason Krebs came home third in the last race spoiling a possible team BMS 1 - 2 - 3.

The factory Westfield XTR2 was much improved this weekend and in the right hands is becoming a match for the R500's. Our fastest R500 lap was 46.999 and the Westfield had a 47.049 lap and second place in the Centurian Challenge race.

The second Dove/Durrant XTR2 retired for the second race running and the factory car lasted for only one lap of the 100Krace.

These cars have downforce and next year I think it would be fairer to run these on slicks against Radicals in the 100K series!

My Radical SR3 continues to impress and for Austin Kinsella to break the outright lap record of 44.12 with a 43.816 lap added to the fun of the weekend.

The last race was the hardest race of my 24 month racing career! I stalled on the line when I had to put my foot on the brake to stop the car from rolling down the grid. I then watched the whole field pass while I restarted the engine. It then took about 8 laps to catch and pass Austin Kinsella. 5 laps later I spun on a dusty track and struggled to start the car. At the last moment when the field had passed it burst into life and I drove at 100% for 13 lap catching Austin up. The Radical was flying and I was pleased to put in my fastest laps of the weekend. Austin and Jason “weaver” Krebs were not easy to pass!

Having passed Austin a spinner put up a cloud of dust at school and I was blocked by the car in front not being sure if a car was hidden in the cloud. This allowed Austin passed again and another chase and wheel to wheel dicing to finally take the flag. The R500 engines are powerful and if the Radical was not allowed to get a run through a corner were a very good match.

It was good to see five R500 cars racing this weekend.

My Radical will be road registered next month. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif



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I spoke with Jim Brittley (correct spelling?) today who was glowing in his praise for the BMS mob's performance at Anglesey, particularly Austins' lap record, however he thinks with more development of the busa' the Westie XTR would be really competitive?


Any comments....

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CC, Bickley is the factory driver for Westfield.

The car will get faster as they sort out handling problems. The main advantage over the R500 is that it has downforce which makes a big difference. Reliability continues to be a problem with the cars, the Dove XTR2 has retired for the last two races and the factory car you mention managed one lap of the 100K race.

The best test for the car is to put it on slicks and compare against a 1300cc Radical SR3.

Watch out for the car in the next double header at Cadwell on July 27th and 28th. This is a downforce circuit and the car might be on the pace!blush.gif

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Glad to see some of you guys had fun. Only a big delay in the proceeding allowed me to even get the car running for the Centurian qualifying. I then had problems getting it ready for the Allcomers race. To cap it all, the car didn't even last two bl**dy laps in the Centurian and was loaded straight onto the trailer.


Having said that, the weather was wonderful. The top of my head is still bright red. And I did get spectate the Centurian race for a marshals post and enjoyed it immensely.

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