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Silly question time....


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OK, don't laugh, where's the flasher unit on a 1990 Xflow?


I may have removed it to use for testing on summat else, can't remember, but damned if I can find it now, looking under the dash....so where's it meant to be? *tongue*


Sorry, this may be less than crystal clear.


What I need to know is, where is the damned flasher relay SUPPOSED to be?


Never mind whether mine is currently in the freezer unit of the fridge, down behind a cushion of the sofa, in the dog's stomach or 101 other equally absurd locations, what I need to know is where it would be IF IT WAS WHERE IT'S MEANT TO BE, ON THE CAR......if you follow my drift.

Because, of course, it MAY ACTUALLY BE THERE, I can't tell, as I don't know where to look.


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds..ooooh hooo hooo!!...

😬 😬Abbey Road Time-Machine *eek* *eek*



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On my 95 hpc its above the Under dash handbrake just behind the dash, bout 1" cube with 4 pins, I know because the bleedin thing keeps getting knocked out by unaware passengers knees! or is that the fuse *confused*


Trotsky N7 HPC

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