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'In the office ?' setting - above

Graham Perry

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No I ain't actually . Last thing I remember there was a bit of a barney about the font (what 3 days ago ?) and now all is fixed with variables for colour and font. Good stuff


Perhaps I am getting old and missing things that are happening around me. There was a major bit of gossip at work going on for a month or so and it went right over my head, boy did I get some old fashioned looks (like you are so out of touch man) when I admitted that I knew nothing about it !


Its about time we had a row on Blatchat as I don't think we have had one for quite a while now have we wink.gif


Edited by - Graham Perry on 5 Jul 2002 20:13:04

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It would be a pleasure to have a row with you on any subject other than cheese


Suggested themes:


1. Estate agents don't charge high enough fees


2. Teachers get too much time off (one for my wife)


3. IT consultants are worse than dodgy second hand car salespeople


4. Everyone should pay extra tax so that MP's can provide private tuition for their children


Hope there is something her to your taste, speak to you later.




Make the world a better place, hug an estate agent

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