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gorgeous mgf/ mr2 alternative

Jam Mad

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Looks great , but no prices yet (unless I missed them) and it looks like its a hardtop so not really an mgf alternative.


A bit concerned about this bit though -

"Except for the door widows, all glass areas are specially manufactured by Phantom Automotive."
not funny if they go bust and so does your windscreen....




P8MRA - The greenid=green> one with redid=red> wings




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I had a good long long at one of these whilst choosing which sports car to buy. They are quite good value. It would have cost me about £18K to put one together but as I'm no expert in car assembly I choose the Caterham.


I bumped into one of the directors of Phantom at Silverstone. I saw the car first, went for a better look, told a few other interested bystanders what it was and the owner introduced himself, invited me to the factory, decent sort of chap.


The car has lots of interior space but no boot, you can get a suitcase or golf clubs behind the front seats though. The only points I didn't like were the instruments and seats which were carried across from the Rover. I'd have spent a bit more and got winged Recaro buckets and some nice conventional gauges.


Looking in the engine bay there's lots of spare space, I was looking for a home for a BMW V8 at the time and I think with a little ingenuity it would have gone in quite nicely. Although I think the best engine to put in here without major rework would be a Honda NSX unit. I still clance through the bag pages of Autotrader Salvage occasionally with an eye out for a smackered NSX....


If anyone out there is looking for another sports car project then I'd go along and see these guys.




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Aren't Phantom the people who make, or used to make, Mallock style clubmans single seatersquestion.gif If so, it'll probably be quite well sorted, handling wise........

I like it too. First saw it at Stoneleigh a couple of years ago. I though then that with a bit of work you could shove in a V8 of some sort.

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