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Improved airflow?

Ian Kellar

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Aaaaaaaahhhhhahahahahahahahah. teeth.gif


Was that a Civic? Hah hah hah hah what the hell does it look like now? I'll tell you. Ever seen those South American Indians with the bone through their lips. Hah hah hah bet the guy thinks it looks really cool. You'd have to be careful when turning in case the overhang took out a tree or cyclist or old lady. Ha ha ha ha ha ha what a plonker. teeth.gif


Worcs L7 club joint AO

Membership No.id=red> 4379id=blue>

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There are some quite nice examples of other things on that site though. Nice yellow mini and a massive pink camaro/plymouth/something or other.


The quality of finish on all of them looks amazing, but Graham's right for most of them - why bother.

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