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8v vauxhall idle rpm

chris perry 1

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Dear all,


I have a brand new 8v vauxhall classic, and very nice it is to.


The engine idles (like me) at about 1000 rpm. When you blip the throttle the revs drop 'back' quickly when cold but slowly when hot. Is this something to do with the carbs which 'they all do' or is there a snag.


Caterham fitted a twin throttle return spring. What is the process for setting the idle with one fitted? The second spring has an screw adjuster which changes the idle speed.


Any ideas?


Chris Perry








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I had a sticky throttle on my 1.8 classic when I first got it. The throttle spring was bent too much and it didn't push the throttle lever back properly. I straightened the spring a bit so that it applied more return pressure on the lever and that has solved the problem. May not be the same problem on yours but I thought it might be worth you checking the simple stuff first...
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