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VW vandalised at Ewell West Station

First Man

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Some may remember my recent post about a BMW M3 which had its wheels nicked whilst in the car park at Ewell West station. I came back to my VW Golf last night to find the driver's door handle damaged and the lock broken. Door was unlocked but nothing missing (nothing in there to take!). I deliberately bought a cheap car for the station run, so I am not particularly devastated, but now cannot lock it and am wondering whether to make an insurance claim.


I cannot understand why anyone would risk being caught on CCTV to break into the car; there was nothing inside and the thing is only worth about £300. I am awaiting a call back from the British Transport Police, who I am told will review the CCTV tapes. We shall see ....


First Man.

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I've had lots of experince of this with my golfs, depending on the year of your car golfs make very very easy pickings as the door lock can be forced by ramming a screwdriver in where the handel attaches to the car. Practically any vw place will sell you a set of door lock protectors which are basically plates that strengthen the area around the handle and on the more 'deluxe' versions cover the internal parts of the lock mechanism and will make good the damage and help stop gits breaking in.



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I had a similar experience but after fitting the locking plates they just smashed the window! Forget electronic tagging, a good hiding for the culprit would at least give the victim some satisfaction. Obviously no serious injuries so as not to overload the NHS, what do you think Mr Blunkett?



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