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Seats for Lotus & Cterham Sevens

1110ths Motorsport

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We are a company who has produced a range of seats which are designed with the Sevens in mind.We are in motorsport ourselves and also supply numerous teams & individuals with racing equipment below the cost of our competitors.


The C-Seat comes in two formats race & road. The race is trimed in lightwieght fabric allowing it to grip the driver whilst the road versions are in leather or vynil. Prices start from 129.99. Please visit www.11-10ths.com for more detailsabout us and our seats,services and goods we supply.We are looking to support car clubs and associations with additional discounts on products in return for sponsorship on cars. If you are interested in this please contact Mark Vurnum on 01702 511488 or markv@11-10ths.com.


Many thanks to you all.


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I think 11-10ths contacted the forum for design input, so a notification that the product is ready seems in order.


[time passes]


... but looking in the archive shows that the seats were ready back in April so this does look like a repeat ad.


Edited by - Peter Carmichael on 5 Jul 2002 12:15:55

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Hasn't there been a dramatic price reduction tooquestion.gif ISTR they were Tillet seat money last time around.............

"Nah, send them the whole duck"


Thanks Peter........

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Just an additional point - looks to be very litte support for back of bum, base f spine as it curves up the back -


Have same shape from Westfield standard bench seat - que back pains after a few weeks of use.


Unles of course, additional cushions are availabel to fill the space.


I swapped to a Tillet kart seat which supported my back all round - very comfy even with no padding - used it in the Westie on club trip to Le Mans last year.


Std Cat seats seem a lot better, even if they are going soft after only a year . . .



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