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difficult choice


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I have a choice of 2 cars.


a 1993 built over a period of a year from buying build packages - not a classic. It is one owner, Q plate, 1700cc xflow with 140BHP (owner's figures not proved), 4 speed live axle (Ford), white and ali, bench seats, 6500 dry miles in very good/excellent condition. £9000


a 2000 (V) ex Caterham Scholarship car, vx 1600, 5 speed, 8000 miles, one owner, painted body, alarm in vgc. £10,500


I'm inclined towards the 1700. But all views welcomed.

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I disagree that the crossflow is expensive. It sounds like a reasonable price, if it's in "very good/excellent condition".


Personally I'd go for the crossflow, but that's just me. The 1600 vauxhall doesn't get such good press on blatchat. I reckon a four speed crossflow would be more fun that a five speed vx1600.


I might be worried about the unknown pedigree of the home-built crossflow engine.


Is the scholarship car prepared for the track (fia bar, battery master switch, etc)? What about the crossflow? Is this important to you?


...and white and ali sounds quite nice.



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the x flow would have to be in pretty good condition to be worth £9k i reckon, given it's background and its spec. i'll be selling mine soon for £9k and although it's in very good condition, but not 'excellent', it is two years younger and sounds like it has a better spec.


1 - email me if you may be interested ( plug ! plug ! )


2 - you ought to have a look at the x flow, if it's in as good condition as is claimed and you want a general se7en rather than a track oriented car, it sounds definitely worth a look.


i have loved my x flow, and am selling it for other reasons. otherwise i'd be working towards fireblading it next year. they are fab cars, but you really have to look at each, have a drive, and make up your own mind.


fuel consumption and boot size may be an issue too; live axle boots are smaller than de dion.


when i was buying, several cars were ruled out simply because i didn't fit them ! ( pedal size, seat type, etc ).




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Your car sounds like it might be suitable. I have to restrict my searching to reasonably local areas, as I have just had a new addition to the family (no 3), and it definitely would not go down well.


If your local, I would be interested. I'm in the Guildford area.


It seems as though it might be expensive - what do you think it is worth? 8k? The last thing I want to do is pay too much.

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i'm in south london, so not too far away from guildford...


i would have to see it to give you an estimate of the value. as i said, it depends on what condition it's in, and the impression of the care that went into its build that i'd get from speaking to the owner.


i found buying a seven was very much a case of seeing loads of them. there are so many differences even between sevens with the similar spec, that one will come along that will 'fit', if you see what i mean.


i was restricted to a x flow because of budget, but the ex race car may be a good bargain. i would be happy buying an ex race car now, but i don't think i would have gone for one as my first seven because of my lack of mechanical knowledge at the time.


i don't know that much more now, but i now know what to look for and what i want out of my car.


if you would like, email me and we can talk on the telephone. i won't try and sell you my car unless it sounds like it may suit you, but may be able to offer advice as to what to look out for.





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Personally I'd go for the Vx. My own preference and following reasons:


Painted (ali cars are nice when you've spent all day cleaning, then it rains when your out !)


Later chassis

When you come to sell it might appeal to a wider audience.


These are just my own reasons and not saying there is anything wrong with the X-flow. 9 Years ago it was the one to have.




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