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Oil Surge - Interesting discovery

Tom Pickering

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Just thought that it might be of interest to some of you, that I discovered a probable cause of the disconcerting oil surge that I had been experiencing lately.

Although I am going ahead with the purchase and installation of a dry-sump system, I was still concerned about oil surge, particularily because of going to Oulton tomorrow.

The idea of fitting a trap door and or further baffles got the better of me and out of curiousity, I decided to drop the sump and have a look see.

I was glad that I did - I discovered that the horizontal baffle (I'm assuming that this is a baffle), the flat plate with three holes in it (one for the pick up pipe, one for the dipstick to pass through and another one, which I,m not sure what it does), had come away at four of the spot welds, towards the front.

This in essence had increased the gap between the baffle plate and the sump at the front from about 3mm to at least 10mm. As you can imagine this must have been letting much more oil surge forwards under breaking (which was the area where I was experiencing the greatest oil surge problem).

Beneath this horizontal baffle (which I removed) was one vertical baffle with gaps at the sides top and bottom, plus two holes approx 20mm in diameter. I moved this back in line with the front of the large pick up hole in the horizontal one and have installed another baffle about 40mm further forwards. The four holes I drilled in this are 10mm diameter and are set off line to the one's on the other baffle.

I put it all back together, filled up with oil and went for a blat today.

Miles better - There is still a bit of oil surge under breaking - but it has to be vertually locking the front wheels and coming to a dead stop before the pressure drops right down to zero and I only managed this once.

So here's hoping that I have an oil surge, trouble free day tomorrow - I certainly feel more relaxed about the situation now and good luck to everybody else out there tomorrow.

Lets hope the weather gets better too





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