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Fitting Tillet seats

Paul Bowden

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I am about to fit the Tillet seats to my SL. Where are the instructions? They don't seem to be covered in the build manual. If any one can give me a clue I would be most grateful. The drivers has an adjuster mechanisum , the passenger does not. Where do the shiny Ali square section tubes go....which way up do the funny shaped cut outs go, how does the adjuster work, where do the spacers fit...HELP
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the alley box sections are used with the passenger seat. They are bolted to the seat and then they are bolted to the floor from underneath into the riv nuts.


The adjusting runners bolt to the drivers seat and are then bolted to the floor with nuts and bolts (IIRC).


The plastic spacers are used to space the seats from the runners/box sections with the seat angle to taste! The seats need a greater thickness of spacer in one corner for the cutaway for the adjuster leaver (memory getting hazy now)!


Ithink that there are large washers to go underneath the car. I used threadlock on the bolts into the seat and prob not into the riv nuts.


The passenger seat is a bar steward to fit, we needed two us. One fatty to sit in the seat to get the box sections onto the floor and lined up and the other to bolt through. That's with pre-drilled holes. If you are drilling the holes yourself, it'll be a lot easier.


Hope that helps.



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Paul - it's been dead amusing reading your posts - I've been building my SLR almost in exactly the same time frame as you! In addition I've hit almost the same issues about a day or two before you!


Anyway, here goes.


The cutouts in the passenger side ally strip are to clear the rivets in the bottom of the car - remember the idea is to spread the load through the floor into the riveted strip under the vehicle.




1) Use the black caphead allen bolts with spring washers to fasten the ally rails to the seat. Don't overtighten to a silly amount. Space the front over the funny cutout with an appropriate plastic washer


2) Now drill the floor of the car out to a bigger size - you'll need a step cutter or a drill with a large chuck. This is because the holes are in the wrong place. (on my car anyway and I reckon yours will be the same because I think the chassis will be drilled for std seats (?)) Trial fit the seat and you'll probably find it will bolt in okay, but mine was pushed into outer edge of the car and so the seat was stressed against the body - horrible. So - out with the Dremel and elongate the (now) larger holes in the floor towards the transmission tunnel by about 4mm. This should now give a result.


You might want to just try the elongation but the extra size of hole helps to line up the bolts anyway.


3) Now bolt the seat in using the silver capheads and bloody massive washers with spring washers under the heads.




1) You'll first have to bend the adjuster up a tad to clear the chassis member.


2) Now space the rails as needed over the cutout (now see why that is there?). Before fastening the rails to the seats with black capheads touch the sides of the capheads on the adjuster side on a grinder to remove a little bit of material all the way around. If you don't do this the adjuster is very stiff when it hits the bolt location. Perhaps try to assemble and us the runner to understand me here. Bolt the rails on - spring washers please!


3) Drill the holes in the floor one size up - no need for elongation on this side for some reason.


4) stick the short little silver bolts through the rails to point down at the floor. Use some 3/8 bolts or something to shove into the ends of the rails to keep the bolts pushed through - otherwise they'll keep disappearing on you! Notice that what is going to happen is that when you tighten the nuts from under the car they will not spin because they'll be trapped by the seat rails.


5) Bang the seat in and use nylocs and big washers, tightening evenly making sure the threads engage into the nylocs, then remove the bolts or whatever you stuffed up the rails !


6) Sit in car and make silly vroom noises........


Hope this helps you!


I guess your next job'll be the lights! I've done the side repeater thing in the headlamp bowl jobby like Count etc..... looks mint!

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