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Connections and other things

Paul Bowden

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I am coming to the end of the build of my SL.I have some electrical connectors/wires I don't know what to do with.


1 Long 2 wire toward front of engine bay no connector 2 wire Black/Yellow and Black

2 2 Wire right of engine Green and Black with a connector

3 2 Wire right of engine Pink/Brown and Brown/Black with a connector

4 Single Brown/Red wire with Black plastic sleeve and Spade connector near ECU


A Charcoal Cannister is mentioned in the build manual. I don't seem to have one of these....possibly the two wires with connectors to the right of the engine were for this? Also I do not seem to have a fuel trap

These are all from the car loom not the engine. This is a EV3 engine which has two connectors to the ECU, the wire for the change up light has already been put in to the connector.

I have no windcreen and no heater. There are three connectors under the dash I assume these are for the Wipers. heatered screen etc that I do not needed.


If you have read that lot well done....now have you any suggestions....that will help


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Paul. My car has VHPD motor so has a different loom. Don't know if you can see anything but take a look at my site and click on the build pages - there are some pix of the loom being remade to fit properly (!)




As a best guess for you to check further .......because as I say, mine is probably different


1) dunno


2) Screen washer cable, has a Bosch style clip plug on it.


3) Charcoal cannister - smaller plug I think


4) Sounds like your lambda probe plug? Have you fitted the exhaust probe yet?

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Thanks for the help. The posting on the Tillet seat question was great. I will speak to caterham about the wiring issues. I have fitted the Lambda probe so it's not that. I have just found the imoboliser in a box. This was not fitted, nor was the ECU and the other electrical box on/under the ECU. This has confused things abit as there are no instructions for this as they are supposed to be there already.

When is your SVA. Thanks again


PS I may be up to see you re the keyless ignition



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Thanks Paul. The immobiliser actually goes under the scuttle on the drivers side (again - I think as I too had to guess!) Only one plug appears to be used and dont chop off the dangly little wire - that is the ariel!


The other little black box with 2 plugs is the "multi function unit" and goes beneath the ecu out front. I had to fit the rivnuts into the chassis myself because they forgot to but they were good enough to lend me a rivnut gun (ooops - still got it - must remember to send it back!).


A note about the immobiliser, which is utter, utter, utter pain in the star;


if you try to start the car to crank for oil pressure or whatever without disarming the system it will lock out on you in a strange way and although it looks disarmed because the LED is out, actually it is not disarmed and you will be ringing Caterham saying "it's all broken!!!!!".


1) ignition off.

2) press lock button on fob - light starts to flash quickly.

3) WAIT until light flashes slowly.

4) NOW disarm with smooth button.

5) key in, ignition on, start up.


What a total nightmare ! Emerald ECU means you can file the lot in the dustbin............


(SVA now applied for, as I didn't bother until I knew it all worked. I really did not want the "up till 2am every night because my SVA is in 2 days trick!!!!!!)


(Also, I have trade plates so I can run the car for diagnostic purposes in the meantime) teeth.gif

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Me again,


All up and running, can't quite believe it.Most of the wires were redundant. Bit of a worry...the oil pressure guage is showing no pressure at all. I hope this is a issue with the guage. It does not show anything...if there is no presssure I am in trouble. Tillet seats also in. Thanks for all the info Julian. If you have any ideas (or any one alse reading this has ideas) please let me know.

I am trailoring( if that is a word) the car to Caterham on Monday, so I don't need to run the engine until they have had a look.

Good luck with the SVA, I have asked Caterham to do that for me next Monday



Edited by - paul bowden on 6 Jul 2002 08:34:02

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Glad everything seems to be okay Paul. As you will probably read on Chit Chat, my SLR has had its first run - and we are soooooo happy with it!


My car is in at John Noble Motorsport on Tuesday for its PBC so fingers crossed for good weather - I really don't want to trailer it when it is so nice to drive!


Anyway, I guess that is is - over to everyone else building a seven, and don't forget that there are plenty of people on here like me and Paul and much, much more experienced builders too who can help you out, so if you are not sure, just post away and let us take the strain!


Cheers, Jue.....

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Well done!!!! Looks like you have both just about completed your builds.


I been following your recent postings as my Superlight No 190 arrives this Thursday. Hoping to have he build completed by the first week in August


I need to order some fluids etc.

What oil (engine, gearbox and LSD) did you use and which brake fluid?



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Tony- My old man has direct accounts with many auto accessory people so I took the relevant advice and used:


Engine : just an A1 motor stores synthetic for the first 500 miles - I'll go to Valvoline Synpower, my personal fave after this but you could use any nice synthetic!


Gearbox : Tough one. Obviously Ford don't do their old 5 sp oil now so we are all on the lookout for a replacement! Clearly I am no expert so I called Castrol and Caterham for help. Caterham told me that all they cared about was a specific GL4 spec oil - whether this was synthetic or not was incedental. Mr. Castrol recommended TAF-X 75W 90 synthetic GL4 gear oil, which is very expensive and very super, apparantly. I duly ordered a case and Caterham were happy to agree that it is a suitable choice. The shift is super slick from cold and I have many bottles left at an advantageous rate!


Diff : Mr Castrol and Mr Caterham fell out a bit here - Caterham said "We only have used EP90 oil, so this is what you should use" and Castrol said "B373 fully synthetic BMW racing oil will be perfect". I chickened out and ordered a case of EP90 - again I have supplies if you are in need!


Brakes : No question here, Automec DOT5.1 silicone fluid was used due to its longevity, kindness to paint and incredible boiling point! I can steal this from Dad's shop if you need some!


Good luck



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I have just taken my SL, by trailor ,to Dartford. Caterham are to do the post build check and SVA/ register it for me. I should get it back in a week or so, ready for the road. The build has been relatively straight forward, no nightmares anyway. I used DOT4 brake fluid...as per build manual...I think that it is a bit out of date in this respect.

TonyR...good luck with your build, I am sure you will enjoy it...I did and I am no mechanic.

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