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40DCOE Manuals??


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Looking for the best Manual, which covers all the following, :-

a. How they work

b. Maintenance/Repair (for DIY'er with general car repair knowledge)

c. Jetting


I understand the Haynes one is good, but which one I believe there is a blue book and a green book.


Suggestions (with ISBN number if poss)






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I believe the Haynes book ISBN 85696 393 3 (at publishing date 1980 anyway) is the best overall manual in terms of readability if you can still get it. John Passini's "Weber Carburettors" ISBN 0947981675 (1992) goes into to greater theoretical detail explaining causes and effects and is somewhat a little more difficult to use as a maintenance manual but it is regarded by many as a bible by serious motorists, but there are more words than pictures and cannot be considered as light reading.


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How to build & Power Tune Weber & Dellorto Carburetors by Des Hammil, this book is part of the speedpro series available from Burtons & Deemon Tweeks. It covers all aspects from repair to tuning, in my opinion it is very good! costs around £15.


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