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EMmmmm, Better not crunch and drive (ohh and I have nothing to do with the McCoys before I get accused of advertising!)


Make It A Pint of Crisps




A crisp company has created a new lager flavoured variety of the snack.


McCoy's said its new range know as Lager, Lager crisps offer people the taste of beer without the side effects.


The company is marketing the new variety on the back of the World Cup and aim to launch them to coincide with the beginning of the football season in August.


A McCoy's spokesperson said: "For those fans who have enjoyed the pub atmosphere during the World Cup, but are now missing their early morning pint, McCoy's has come up with the perfect solution.


'Morning hangovers'


"It should also be good news for bosses who suffered mass absenteeism due to early morning hangovers during this year's tournament."


The company said the new flavour was made with brewing yeast and hops used in the production of lager.


It says it is considering a milder flavour for women, (a half-pint taste "for the ladies") and a real ale variety for traditional drinkers.




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