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Problems with Sleeping Policemen

Slow Hida

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I ground my exhaust on a particulary large sleeping policeman, whilst on holiday in Luxemburg.

Upon return to Blighty I found the jubilee clips, holding the heat shield on, to be distorted and badly corroded. In addition the bobbin holding the rear of the silencer had ripped the rubber away from the metal sandwich.

Can anyone please advice :-

-Where it is possible to purchase stainless jubilee clips - diameter 130 to 135mm

-Is it possble to buy powerflex type exhaust bobbins.

I 've tried DT and Caterham to no avail.



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aahhh.. a problem i know and love. jubilee clips are available from all good motor factors, but if you want them to your door, ruth at james whiting will gladly send you some.


living in london i have got used to regular gentle groundings....


the exhaust bobbins break regularly depending on your exhaust fitment, i always keep a couple handy. again james whiting can help. be aware that if like me you use the large bobbins 1" or slightly longer, you need to specify this, as many recent caterhams use much smaller ones.





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And none of it struck me as extortionately expensive from Caterham themselves.


I'm sure the clips are about 60p and the bobbins a couple of quid tops. But it's a while since I bought any...cue three clips falling off and a bobbin going awol.

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Depending on how much effort you're prepared to go to to maintain your Seven you can do what I did, which was to remove the bobbin from your Golf, replacing with some fencing wire and then sell the car and get another golf (with a full set of bobbins).


This is seen as excessive by some who prefer to simply pop down to their local motor factors where they have a selection but sometimes it's the principle that counts...smile.gif


I also (mostly 'cos I have a carbon can) had Chris at the Seven workshop weld in a kink after the collector to raise the whole shooting match so it is now at the same level as the bottom of the car and never catches on anything.


PS on sleeping police men I find going over them diagonally means the car doesn't dip so much in the middle (not wish to teach sucking of eggs etc)

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