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Wheel sizes for circuit racing - help!

Trevor Phillips

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What do the experts consider would be the best dry weather combination of wheel/tyre sizes on an ex-Vauxhall challenge car for circuit use in the following circumstances:


1. JCC Centurian - ACB10's but what rim size is allowable?

2. Other championships where rim size isn't restricted and slicks are allowed


The car came with 9" fronts and 11" rears but I'm concerned that combination is OTT.



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I don't have the JCC regs infront of me at present but I cannot remember there being a rim size restriction. However the regs do say that the car must have an MOT and as it is illegal to have rims extending beyond the bodywork I would say that that must be the ultimate limit (that is before you then go on to extend the wheelarches). At present I would suggest that the R500 boys (Mssrs Ince, Krebs and Jules Martin) probably have the widest rims which I believe are 9" at the rear. If you want definitive answers on the JCC regs then get in touch with Herman Ebner via the JCC web site, he's the organiser and is very helpful.





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