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* Petty Strut * Does anyone know where to drill the hole?


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Ok got the FIA bar in!

Need to fix the bottom half of the petty strut to cock pit

But the 'nut / thread' is hidden behind the Aluminium sheet riveted on

(Outside top of passenger foot well)

So can any one measure exactly where I need to drill to find this nut behind the facia


1)Start with vertical the distance below the horizontal top of the chrome thingy you rest your arm on

2)Then the horzontal distance from the ‘fold’ as the the foot well comes in (I assume the hole needs to be in front of this? Or is it on the bend)


It’s a 1998 K series SS


This is so I don’t cock it up and have 5 holes there.

Please hurry must drill tomorrow (Oulton on Friday)


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