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Chill out for God's sake...


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Is there a thread that goes by on this bloody forum these days without people getting all sensitive and touchy?


I've just binned a relationship because of constant whining, over sensitivity to innocuous comments and observations and the like. And I find myself looking at this forum less and less because it's getting the same way (probably a good thing in some respects).


Whilst it might well be symptomatic of our country at large to get more and more like this, I used to enjoy taking refuge here as it's always been full of friendly chat about topics I love. So please can every body take a chill out pill, smoke a spliff or get drunk. Anything as long as we can all take life (and especially ourselves!) a bit less seriously.


Or I'll have to take up knitting or something and find a knittiing forum.

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This is all getting really heavy mansad.gif Bummersad.gif




Always look on the bright side of life, dee doo, dee doo dee doo dee doo ad infinitum smile.gif



in search of a shiny thing.

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Yep I agree with the sentiments herein.

I get enough aggro at work and am heartily sick of logging on to BlatChat for some R & R only to see another thread with people hurling childish abuse at others, especially when they hide behind an insulting 'nom de plume'.

I think I'll go and have another beer now!



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Just stop and think how dull life would be without disagreements.......


I love the "wind up" it's just a shame some people are so straight!!!


"Life's too short for this cr.p!!"


By the way, have you heard Spielberg is making a new movie?










Jurassic Vauxhall smile.gif smile.gif







Andy Marks


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Your only moaning cos the weather is c**p

and sevening with a roof is not nice (that'll start another argument no doubt)

Why arn't you coming to Oulton Pk?


Looked at changing the Golf for a TT today?

They look so good, (I know they drive sh*t)

He'll take the Golf, 8k and my eldest child in Px

I've got to stop spending money.


but as you say, and I truly agree!





Bruce id=purple> , Self Drive ROLLER COASTER id=purple> Owner cool.gif R300 FUN id=purple>

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I was going to post it on specific threads that highlight why I don't believe it's just me being a girl. But thought it'd generate more of the same.


I'm all for disagreements. I relish a good argument and disagreement and can be as cantankerous as anyone. Read some of my other stuff (corporal punishment etc) to see.


But I get the feeling that too much is getting a bit off the "humour"/"good natured" side and more onto a ****ty side that I think could easily continue to degenerate and end up with people not posting here who are massively valuable members of our community. I've seen it happen on other sites and it'd be a shame for it to happen here.


And I've also noticed myself spending less time here which has to indicate something (apart from me getting my car back and, perhaps, getting a life as some might level at me smile.gif).


Then again, maybe it is just me.


PS What's Watneys 'Red Barrel'?



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Why don't we have a new forum for b*tchy arguments? You know, a bit like the MX-5 / MG-F owners forums... THen, if want a good personal argument becaus eyou miss shouting at your partner, you'll know where to go.


For the rest of us, I agree - take a suitable quantity of muscle relaxant (whilst still being legal) and let the world go by without the myocardial infarction.


Low tech luddite - xflow and proud!

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I've just binned a relationship because of constant whining


and here's me thinking it was your unhealthy obsession with your car...






ps as an illustration of how easy it is to write an apparently offensive posting that is clearly meant in jest, please see above. so there. cool it folks, if you feel you need to squabble, take it elsewhere.


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What a splendid idea, all the children could play together!

Then there would be no need for churlish threats to 'twat' to one's IP on who is doing what and when.

Reminds me of a line in an Ian Drury song, "I've got ALL their names and addresses."


Steve B


Edited by - sjwb on 4 Jul 2002 09:31:38

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