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ok then, selling your VX or K 7 this week?


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Ok then - just to bring my recent ad in the WANTED section to general readers' attention: if you want a speedy sale of your 7, and its a 1.6/1.8k or a 1.6,1.8,2.0vx on cycle-wings, non-q registered, then you'd better see Masha's ad in the wanted section pronto (trying to decide on a car by weekend).


Matthew ms81@cant.ac.uk

PS nope, I'm not a dealer, just trying to see what's out there for sale to help brother before he comitts himself to a dealer's car he's seen at the weekend.

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About time too Gareth - one more 7 in the Ringlestone car park to drool/argue over!


What's the 'dealer' car you've seen? 1600 Vauxhalls rate very highly in my neck o' the woods....




Rich & Skippy



PS. No, I'm not selling mine.sad.gif

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Thanks for the responses - will be deciding on one of 8 cars found:

2 8v vx's from £9500-£10,500

3 2.0l VX from £11,995-£12,500

3 K 1600's from £12,500-£13,500

all different animals, but some nice colours and spec's to consider



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