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Whats makes a car for road use only


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When I'm looking to buy a seven (which by my own admission is some time away) I would probably be looking to use it for both track days and eating up Evos on normal roads. Can anyone please ask tell me what an advert means when it says "for road use only" what would stop this car going on a track ? Or do they mean that its not spec'd up for racing ?

Yours thoughts appreciated.


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I expect they probably mean has *only been used on the road* rather than *cannot be used on the track*.

The intended implication is that it has not been thrashed and therefore worth more.

Weather this is in fact the case is up for debate.



ps I would not go on a track (and some organisers such as this club will not let you) without an FIA roll bar.

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not sure why you would advertise as for road use only, unless the owner means only ever used on the road


on the other hand it might relate to safety/ race/ sprint requirements items such as


battery cut off, roll bar, harnesses, fire extinguishers etc not being present.



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In my add I put 'only used on road' but it has full FIA bar and petty strut, fire extinguisher, fuel cut off etc so it would be fine for track days - I'm open to offers!!!!


Honda Imola Gold with cycle wings id=orange>

1600 Vauxhall currently for sale! id=blue> 07899 668828 id=green> see my seven here: my seven



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I am short of cash at the moment. Swap you for a brand new Yamaha YZF-R6 (the bike that I am going to sell to buy my 7) !


Thats an offer and a half ;-)


0 - 60 in 3.4 sec

Top speed of 157 (varified) Only 600 miles on it.

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