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Historic Lotus Talk 5/8/02

Ernie Panks

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We have a talk taking place during our August meeting on the history of Lotus and their cars by Vic Thomas, founder of the HLR.

This promises to be a really interesting talk for those of you interested.

Vic owns many cars including a Series 1 and some Lotus 11's, Jag C & D type etc. He has promised to bring one of his collection along for post talk drooling.

We will be meeting at the Cornwallis at 7pm for a 7.30pm blast off to the talk venue via some excellent roads

The reason this is being held elsewhere is because the Cornwallis wanted £150 for the use of their conference room for 2 hours!

There will be a small charge of £3 per head to cover costs, with any profits going to NTL.

The talk is being held at the Garnier Social Club in Eccles Nr Quidenham in Norfolk. The beer is excellently priced (about £1.65 per pint) and it has an extensive car park.

If you wish to come along for an excellent evening, please email me.







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Count me in please.

By the way, can't you find somewhere a little further from my house..5 minute blats just aren't on.






Where are you going in Finland?

I've just been invited over to see the old flame and am thinking of arranging to coincide with the Jyvaskyla Rally (1000 Lakes)so I shall be in Keskisuomi around the second half of August. I presume you'll be back by then?


How many 7s are there in Finland?

I only ever saw one in three years and that had a German plate.






Mother - if your reading this, I'm not selling this car!!!

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I think you need to be more imaginative with your blats!

Leave yours about 6.15pm, meet me at my house along with Steve & Gordon.

We then blat back towards yours (just to take in Garb to Ken road)

Head up to Cornwallis

Back from Cornwallis to Eccles via the Garb to Ken road.

End of talk, back to yours via Garb to Ken road.

Wahooo!!!! Garb to Ken road X4!!!!!





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So why have I not got Low Flying yet!!!mad.gif


It's bloody discrimination against us country folk!!!

Consignia...huh...Consigned to bin I trust


You got yours yet Ernie??

(he probably gets an advanced copy, wouldn't he?)

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I got mine last night.

The address has to be translated before you get yours anyway from Garboldisham to Gaarbulshum, Narfuk, that's what delays it!

I don't get an advanced copy, so don't start getting a complex!wink.gif




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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks Alex.

It's worth mentioning that so far we have attracted a lot of interest in this and with a bit of luck it looks as though the meet will be attracting some yummy machinery.

Try this:

Le Mans D Type Jag

Lotus 7 Series 2

Lotus 7 Series 4


Plenty of 7's

All we need now is a Series 1 & 3 (I don't think Matt will have his Series one together by then!)

I've thought a bit on how to try and atrract more Lotuses, so if anyone has an Interesting historic Lotus I'll waive the £3 entry fee.






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