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Llandow trackday on the 13th July


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The trackday is apparently full now, but there is a reserve list.


Unfortunately the organisers didn't ask for deposits from anyone, so it is unlikely that people will tell them if they are unable to make it.


So if anyone is not going to make it, could you let the organisers know please, so the people on the reserve list can be notified as soon as possible.





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Just had an idea ........idea.gif


DaveJ if you're around. What about asking the circuit for a list of people booked then if it can be posted on here people can confirm yes or no, that may free off a few places. hame if there are reserves and people just don't turn up.



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Hope you can make it Darel as long time no see, if you do turn up and need a ride happy to take you out, don't think you'll fit behind the steering wheel with my short legs (non adjustable seats but your welcome to try).


Andy Isherwood will be there also, so a fair few of the old listers gang will be in attendance.





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Hi Kev,


I am going, I posted this on behalf of another owner (Simon Parker) who was 3rd on the reserve list.


Should be a good weekend, will be nice to see you and Andy again.


Is Hilary and Gaynor going as well? Is Gaynor taking her se7en? wink.gif




Daren. (Darel!!!!)

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Sorry Daren must have typing fingers like Rob,


Yes Gaynor and Hilary should be there, no Gsaynor won't be in her seven as i've sold it.


No we won't be competing next day (chickens as we are), as we'll be seting off for SPA on the Sunday, ferry crossing from Dover at 2.30pm.


Look forward to seing you all





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