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A win at Nurburgring for Caterham


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I am pleased to post on Blatchat that Blackbird motorsport have won their class at Nurburgring with a 20th place on the road out of a grid of over 200 cars. The top honours were taken by the likes of GT3's but is was very hartening to see a little caterham with less than a third of the cc of some of these cars up there with the serious heavy German metal! The drive was a joint effort between Doug Newman and Julian Lay with lap times of the Nordschleife in combination of the GP curcuit of 9:30's (see our web site fo full details and pictures).


We also had the same car running the previous two days in the Wheeltorque event. Here we consistantly saw sub 8 lap times without the aid of slicks! We ran the same set of AO32's the whole weekend, even for the race. These tyres just keep on impressing us with their handling grip and lightness on the wallet.


Hello to all the new freinds we had the opertunity to meet and a deepest sumpathy to out mates with the red 911 after the 8 months of hard word. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.






Will Westlake

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