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Autoroute and GPS

tony isherwood

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Hi Tony


I've played with Autoroute / GPS - works well but only follows the route / position on the map not the written directions. Difficult to use whilst driving alone but easy if 'the navigator'.


No probs connecting my Garmin GPSIII via the serial link though this can depend on what version of windows you are running.


Yesterday I picked up info from PC World re an iPAC navigation system the're selling for £899 which looks interesting - has voice directions, colour screen etc and you have a PDA as well.


Of interest also is the Garmin GPSV which does point to point routing think this costs about £500 though I've not really checked on the coz if I did I would find it difficult not to get one.




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AutoRoute is Pants (has roads bending left when actually they bend right!) - the best (cheap) software to use if you are using a handheld Garmin GPS and a PC is the Garmin MapSource Roads & Recreation software. Very accurate and gives road names, numbers and even petrol stations. The Garmin GPS V is a wonderful toy to have in the car.



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I currently use a compaq IPAC with the Sat Navigation jacket which works really well.


Colour screen provides clear maps with directions on screen and voice commands. In addition handy infomation like distance to next stop etc.


I bought the IPAC some months ago for approx £400. When the Sat Nav came out, the jacket was a further £650 (for the 128mb version). However you can get a 64mb version for £500. I also think that some shops (dare I say it Dixons) are doing a deal if you buy the two together.

I would add however, that I have just been sent some upgraded software (free of charge), which seems to enable you to hold a lot more information on a 128mb card than previously, so I think that a 64mb would be just as good, unless your going to be travelling the whole country.


The software that comes with it does allow you to use it on your PC for planning similar to Autoroute, but the real advantage is taking it with you in the car with the voice commands. Other benefit is the portability between cars, although you really need a cigarette lighter to avoid battery drainage.


I must say that the unit did develope a fault approx a month ago, but it has not been repalced with a new one after a little bit of hassle. Amazing what happens when you threaten Solicitors !!!


I think your based in my area, so if you want a demo or any other info, drop me a line.





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One of my chums has the iPAC which he never tires of demonstrating to me, and I have to admit the display and map representation are very good. The only snagette that I can see is that the voice commands at roundabouts are usually inaccurate and disagree with the map. But if you like shiny things then this is for you. cool.gif
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Thanks for your replies, I am browsing GPS sites to find further information. and have turned up a number of sites. http://www.globalpositioningsystems.co.uk/allprods.php?category_id=1 seesm to cover most needs !!


I have used Autorute as it it is faifly easy to alter routes and give / milages times etc (and print out information) Can you do this with the Garmin and IPAC systems ?. Also I wanted something that was "Naviagator" interactive whilst on the move. i.e giveing position, being able to put in points and calculating distance / time to arive ect. ( Average speed and actual speed , total lapsed distances would be nice as well)


Another would be nice ! is the ability to use the equipment whilst cycleing or walking.



Mark P @ Horsham,


Have we met @ any of the Dialpost L7C Sussex meets ? I would be interested in a demo of the Ipac system (or any other systems if any one is in the Horsham area ?)


Are there suppliers in the Horsham / Crawley area ? (Dixon's apart)




Tony Ish





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I think most of the high street retailers (PC World etc) now stock it. Don't think we've met down at Dial Post (only managed my first meet last month !!)


The new IPAC software gives much better directions including the exist off roundabout, the road name and number. It will provide distance to destination, but does not give information about average speeds etc. The software which you load onto your PC will provide distance and time for a trip, much like Autoroute.


Give me a call on 07768 905997 and we can arrange to meet if you are interested.


On a personal note, I think your son will know my wife Sharon Powling from Anderson days, please pass on her regards.

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Interesting to read about the ipaqs. I have just returned two sat nav jackets (128k) both of which would not work. Dixons could not get them to work and tried swapping the ipaqs and the jackets etc. They said 'well it never works in the store because of the roof'. The system 'worked' for 1/2 mile on my street and that was about it. I'm based in cheshire and had no success on M56, M62, M53 etc. Dixons gave me my money back but i was disappointed because it seemed a good product if it would work.

I did register my nav system and thus sent the software update this week. I wondered whether this would 'fix it'. Never heard of anybody having success with them until reading this thread. If I was sure it would work tempeted to try one again - although I'll loose out on my original price deal from buying them together.



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Unless you have to go 200mls to find either petrol, water or roads, why bother with GPS [Great Pie in the Sky]? Study maps peeps, nothing like some large scale map for exploring/touring (Phillips 1.5" to 1mle), see the wiggles and the inclines, work the topo out and explore. The magic words of 'that road looks interesting' can conjour up many new adventure. And if u get lost, well then things can get even more interesting, unplanned diversions can b full of surprises. Why the other week a I found a 5000yr old yew.



Missiv Wizard of the Ancient Order of Map Readers biggrin.gif



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Starting to thank (oopss think !!) that way !!!


Good in boats to avoid the rocky bits and deserts where you can waymark waterholes,


I am coming to the conclusion that £450 upwards can buy a lotta OS and Michelan maps !


TonyIsh (who started it all !)


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