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The hole in my nob is too small

Paul Bowden

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Paul - I had exactly this problem 2 days ago. I called Caterham: (tongue firmly in cheek)


"Hello, you've sold me a nob with a small hole and I need a big one because a have a very thick shaft"


No, seriously, they said that they have now switched component suppliers so it won't fit the newer, thicker gearstick. If you want it (and I did!) just run a drill into the knob and make the hole a tad bigger. I was going to tap it as well, but having thought about it I decided the grub screw was absolutely sufficient for the job on its own. So I just drilled it out (pillar drill and a VERY slow speed) and hey presto!


Hope this helps - it DOES look awesome compared to that plastic thing!

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I had to drill and tap my ali knob when I assembled my SL last year. Despite great care, I put a big gouge in the top of it. I think of it as patina. Caterham sent me an alternative with no 6sp gate markings which wobbled because it was held only by a grub screw. Try drilling and tapping first (M12 I recall) because if you just drill it out, you cant go back.


The plastic one is a bit Ford Sierra but it is a lot lighter.

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