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Demon Tweeks - top lads


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There's often a load of comment on here about DT's prices etc., some of it from me in the past, BUT:


I've just spent the last week or two talking to them about helmets and I have nothing but praise for them, especially John Harris.


The info has been accurate and freely forthcoming, so far I'm trying out my third helmet without a murmur from them (you pay one lot of delivery only) and John's been nothing but friendly every time I've called.


Buying helmets is a real pain the arse when you don't live anywhere near somewhere with a healthy supply, but despite my initial reservations I can say that DT make the process of buying from afar bearable.


Hopefully the next one that arrives will fit nicely. Then all I have to do is collar my parents for the massive budget increase for the lid. It's their fault I have such a big head after all (and hence almost zero choice).


Thanks DT.



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Mark - Apollo is sold (the "John" I was looking for came back to me). I'll be updating everyone later this week.


I haven't finalised a helmet yet but am trying one this week that will hopefully fit (a size 8 Simpson, and about 3 times my original "budget", but if your head doesn't fit in the cheaper ones, there's not much you can do sad.gif).


Tried so far:


Shoei RXR - my baseline for comfort. "Only" a bike helmet and getting old, but lovely and comfy. I could wear it all day without issue and during Le Sept last year I practically did.


However, I want an SA2000 hat, it's getting old and has a few nicks and Shoei don't do helmets meeting my criteria so...


Bell K1 Sports - lovely helmet and top value in my opinion at 212+VAT. Sadly too small (the XL, 62cms size).


Arai GP5K - another nice lid. I preferred the Bell but this promised to be bigger. Sadly, though it was marginally bigger, it was still not quite right. List price 420+VAT.


Stand21 F21-99 (not through DT) - List 560+VAT but it was obvious to tell it was in a different league to the above (the above do have models in their ranges to compete mind). Very light, lots of adjustable padding, top quality.


Simpson Vudo - don't ask how much. It comes in size 8. If it fits I'll then have to justify the cost. Somehow.


If you have abig head with large "lobes" front and back (i.e. you look like John Merrick like me) the usual brands might prove tight. Regardless you should try as many as you can and try them on for as long as you can. The Arai, for example, felt fine after 5mins. Taking it off after 25mins though left me with a bit of an ache in the front of my head. Longer wear would have made me narked that I'd spent that much on something not suitable...

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having had a similar problem with size of head plus glasses the Simpson Voyager (SA2000 rated) was the best and is about a third of the cost of the Vudo - from grandprixracewear


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Found the TYRE chaps great, very friendy, good price (matched George Polley)

Found the shop guy useless.


Glad your sorting your head out Andy

7 running very well !

Kit ready for Friday


Bruce id=purple> , Self Drive ROLLER COASTER id=purple> Owner cool.gif R300 FUN id=purple>

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